Clubs and Capers and Kites, oh my!

Clubs and Capers and Kites, oh my!

During the past few weeks, I’ve dabbled in all sorts of organizations. I’ve gotten to do my wonderful, not-actually-18-yet version of clubbing (that is, going to various clubs around Rock Bridge).

I’ve witnessed Capers a month before it will actually happen. I like to explore these events because it’s fun, and I just might find a new hobby while I’m at it!


My first stop was an old standby, Ukulele Club.


This is always a great way to spend a Tuesday, and they’re not afraid to drop a meeting for lovely weather and awesome  kites.


Then Wednesday came along, bringing its friend Young Moderates; a good fix if you’re looking for politics. Despite its unfortunate lack of kites, the discussions are always quite interesting.


After school, I found that Capers auditions were happening in the PAC.


There I saw some of the talent that might be seen in April.


There was music and dancing, and my favorite show of the afternoon was an amazing self-referential slam poet, junior Andrew Hutchinson.


The clubs and capers and kites made me want to jump for joy, but David already had that one covered.

By Asa Lory

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